Yes, YAya!

To write for young adults today, an author is supposed to have a blog about their writing. So yay, or yay-ah, as we say in these parts.

My first YA story is actually set almost here where i am now. Eighteen-year old Brandt lives just across the mountains on the east slope of the Wyoming Range. Or he did back in the summer of 1980, in a fictional town called High Piney.

He lucked out and was given a red Trakehner filly named Morning Glory after she was seriously injured, and now that horse is headed for Olympic fame. Will he go with her?

My hours spent in High Piney are isolating me from my own family, but Yay-ah, they are intriguing hours. Someday, maybe you’ll agree.

In synch


About sidney woods

After a couple of practice novels, I'm now engrossed in an effort to create my first YA story, set in the tumultuous year of 1980. The best of YA stories fit my passion for reading that's worth something, so I think about those stories 'out loud' here.

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